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If you put the quality of ingredients first, if in a product you look for the right combination of taste and health, innovation and tradition, if you always read the label because you think it is important, then you have found the right chewing gum for you!

Chicza is the first and only 100% biodegradable organic chewing gum in the world, which is also completely vegetable and natural. Finally, everyone can make the conscious choice of chewing  gum that helps the environment, that helps the children of the Chicleros smile again and that does not hurt your body.

Now also available in the SugarFree format!

The word Chicza derives from the tree from which the chicle necessary to produce it is extracted, the Chicozapote. These trees can reach 30 metres of height and are found in the 2nd biggest forest in the American continent, the Gran Peten, considered the second green lung of the world after the Amazon rainforest.

This interesting document is the result of a joint study of Comieco/GMI (Green Management Institute) aimed at highlighting products that could create innovation in environmental protection and waste management, and that wanted to emphasise the virtues of the Chicza project.

As this authoritative study shows, in addition to clear environmental benefits, a very stringent economic factor is tied to chewing gum disposal. A biodegradable and organic chewing gum like Chicza would allow to save much more public money which today is being wasted to clean pavements, monuments, streets and squares from the remnants of traditional gum.



Classic Format Data Sheet

Ingredients: cane sugar*, gum base*, glucose*, agave syrup*, natural coffee, cinnamon, lime, mixed berry, mint or spearmint flavour*
(*) organic

SugarFree Format Data Sheet

Ingredients: sweetener: powdered erythritol*, gum base*, humectant: glycerine*, natural lime or mint flavour*
(*) organic

The European Regulation 1169/2011 specifies that the indication of the minimum conservation term is not required in some cases, including solid-state sugar, cooking salt, beverages with an alcohol content of 10% or more by volume
, vinegars, chewing-gum and a few other products.

In relation to this specific European regulation Chicza is without expiry, in addition to the fact that the ingredients contained in it are completely natural and free of chemical additives.

Also codified in the Italian pharmaceutical system

EAN code 7503011006236

EAN code 7503011006069

Mixed Berry
EAN code 7503011006045

EAN code 7503011006083 

EAN code 7503011006052 

EAN code 7503010108061

Lime SugarFree
EAN code 7503011006540

Mint SugarFree
EAN code 7503011006489

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