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"Klemens Von Metternich"


It all started by chance as the most beautiful stories are born.
In April 2009, Giulio Gino Di Giacomo, who had been interested in Nature and Environmental protection since he was a child, read an article in a newspaper:

“Chicza awarded as the best organic product of the year at the “Natural and Organic Products Festival” of London even before being on the market”

He could not resist the temptation to contact the producers of this fantastic product and ask them if it was possible to receive samples so that he could taste it.

After some time spent in silence, they finally arrived. It was a special day!!! We decided to open the first packet all together, treating it as if it were White Gold…and never was more appropriate a choice. Still today, we have vivid memories of the scent of the Maya Forest that emanated from each individual packet; it was the right stimulus to start this new business venture.

We have officially operated in the distribution of Chicza chewing-gum in Italy since 2010 and in Portugal from 2017. Ours is a difficult task, that is to represent Mexico and a particular Maya culture that have given us great trust in the potential of the Italian market and later also in other European countries.


Innovation and Quality

We strongly believe in the revolutionary project of the Consorcio Chiclero & Rainforest Chicza. With much work and sacrifice, they were able to create and develop a chewing gum that is unique in the world and that can be used as an extraordinary example of how you do Green Economy.

We knew then and still know that our path is full of pitfalls, but day after day the confidence to have an excellent product that has no competition has given us the strength to always look forward with positivity.

Being the first to make consumers appreciate a new brand always requires great passion and determination. It was necessary to have a special marketing strategy and follow the evolution of the product from A to Z.

And fortunately, the story continues! Yes, Chicza is having an upward trend in sales and it is surely an example of pioneering activities with high added value. Thanks to the efforts of the Consorcio Chiclero & Rainforest Chicza and EcolBio Srl., today also other European Consumers have today the opportunity to chew very high quality chewing-gum.

The fundamental pillars of our company are: Passion, Honesty, Humility and Simplicity. We will always try to “combine business logic with the essence of a socially-oriented commercial company” to protect consumers first.

In May 2014, we founded a new company called EcolBio Srl, in possession of the requirements established by the organic legislation, to distribute Chicza chewing-gum in an even more extensive way and provide Customers and Consumers with the best possible service.


Here is a summary of the context in which we are operating in Italy

25% of 60 million inhabitants, that is 15 million people, consume chewing gum with an average of three chewing gums a day (according to some sources, 32% in the North-West, 28% in the North-East, 22% in the South and 18% in the Centre). Up to 45 million chewing gums are consumed every day and, unfortunately, many of them are thrown rudely on the ground leaving those annoying grey and black spots.

Probably, Chicza will not appeal to everyone (after all, no product in the world has this ability), but thanks to its peculiarities that make it unique, being 100% biodegradable and organic certified, and thanks to our continued hard work, it will be possible to create a new market space for it equal to 15% of the daily consumption of chewing gum. It is certainly an extraordinary result in terms of reduction of environmental pollution and waste of public money allocated to clean up city squares and pavements from traditional chewing-gum that takes even 5-6 years to biodegrade!

With the hope that our words, used to send the “message” of 40 Mexican cooperatives, will arouse in You continuous and renewed interest, we give You our best regards!

A special thanks from EcolBio

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