The Advantages

The slogan of the Chicleros explains in a few words what Chicza represents:

“Cada persona que se lleve a la boca una tableta de Chicza en cualquier parte del mundo, estará contribuyendo de manera directa y personal al bienestar de los productores de chicle de las selvas tropicales del sur de México y con ello, a un planeta más verde”.

Chewing Chicza, the consumer contributes directly to the preservation of the Planet and to the maintenance of more than 2,000 Chicleros and their families. In addition, they know they are ingesting 100% natural substances as all Chicza ingredients are organic certified.

BioAgricert, the National Agency authorised to check biological products, has issued the certification that testifies that all the ingredients are natural and 100% organic.Also for this reason,Chicza is the best chewing gum for those who put their own well-being and their health first!

Chicza is sweetened with organic Agave syrup that is rich in fructose, natural sugar found in fruit and has a very low glycemic index. This Mexican plant is rich in calcium, minerals and trace elements. In perfect harmony with Chicza that has made being natural and organic its lifestyle!

It is important to remember that the Italian National Institute of Food Research and Nutrition (Inran) advises against the use of artificial sweeteners, aspartame, in the diet of children under three years, pregnant and lactating women. So, given that a natural alternative exists, why not to use it?!?

Yes, Chicza comes from the Earth and returns to the Earth! Basically, it follows the same process of a leaf falling from a tree. Chewing Chicza would lead to a drastic reduction in environmental pollution caused by traditional chewing gum that takes even 5-6 years to biodegrade in the environment. Just think of how many chewing gums would unfortunately and rudely be thrown on the ground in that time. It is a continuous cycle and if we do not get directly to the root of this problem, it will never be solved!

According to official data, the amount of waste that every year is not disposed of properly and left in the streets amounts on average to 23 thousand tons. All this is a huge cost for municipalities, already in crisis, that are forced to intervene spending 16.4 billion Euro of public money just in Italy to remove those annoying multicoloured spots that can be seen in the squares,  pavements and streets of many Italian cities.
Chicza is the solution to these problems from both an environmental and economic point of view; we just need to seize the opportunity we are given by our Chicleros friends…an opportunity that we must absolutely grasp!

study carried out in a transparent manner by GMI in collaboration with Comieco focuses on this important aspect.

Kosher Certification is a mark of quality issued by the Jewish community. A food is called Kosher (which means “proper” in Hebrew) when it is in accordance with biblical regulations. The extreme rigidity of the rules governing the Kosher certification is a safeguard for consumers, regardless of their religion.

In fact, many consumers choose this kind of products because they are healthier and safer. The certification ensures the selection of ingredients, the care in production and the genuineness of the product. Kosher products, prepared according to the dictates of the Torah, are becoming more and more synonymous with high quality and food safety, as well as being particularly suitable for allergic and intolerant people because of the exclusion of some ingredients.

This additional certification allows to reach also Jew, Muslim, vegetarian and vegan consumers.

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