"Paul Valèry"

Proving that another way is possible.

Many things could be said, but if we wanted to explain briefly what we think our mission should be, we would just say that. We often see that the laws of market and the interests of a few “powerful” people go against many in the worst way: in absolute silence.


When we heard of the great project that our friends from Chicza were carrying out, we decided to concretely help them out and become their voice and hands, to tell everyone about the benefits of this ethical and natural world and to distribute directly such a healthy, attractive and good product. A good product in many ways, goodness that is about friendship, sharing, brotherhood, peace and social redemption.

In our opinion, though after a while the conscious consumer might lose the taste of lime, mint or the other flavours chewing Chicza they would feel the much more intense and lasting flavour of respect for the environment and the valuable work of the Chicleros.

And if it is true that a falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest, today more than ever, we love silence.

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