Chicza in the medal collection of the Contest I.T.A.

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2020 begins in the best way for Chicza bringing home two Bronze medals obtained thanks to the participation of the Competition I.T.A. International Taste Awards. All the winning products exceeded the expectations of the Judges, chosen from the best tasters, sommeliers, chefs, pastry chefs, barmen, food and wine journalists or gourmet enthusiasts, and selected for their professionalism and competence. The competing products were subjected to a strict evaluation procedure, during which each of them was meticulously tasted blindly and evaluated exclusively for its own merits.


The flavors awarded by the Jury are Mint and Mixed Berry. Another prestigious recognition is added to the already rich showcase of the award-winning Chicza, by now synonymous with High Quality and Authenticity in a vast and articulated market such as chewing gum.

We sincerely thank all Consumers and Customers who believed from the first day in this sensational chewing-gum with a thousand peculiarities.

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