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First, its Story that, like the Chicozapote tree, is rooted in the Maya culture, the first people to ever chew chicle in the world. And also, as we said, the reason that it is completely biodegradable, organic certified and 100% natural.

No chewing-gum in the world possesses all these qualities!

Because it is produced in accordance with the standards of Organic agriculture.

View the new Organic Certification

If you think that Chicza loses its flavour before traditional chewing-gum (where you practically chew petroleum), it is because purposely, no artificial ingredient is added to make the flavour last longer.
No preservatives but only natural flavours…this is the recipe of Chicza!

Because it has the Kosher certification and contains only Natural and Vegetable ingredients. Thus, it is suitable for Vegans and for Jews and Muslims who do not chew chewing-gum for fear that they might contain traces of animal products.

Chicza is perfect for all who put the quality of ingredients first and who love Nature, so, there isn’t a specific type of customer. It is really appreciated by conscious consumers though, like pregnant women who, not willing to give up the pleasure of chewing gum, look for an organic product, or Jewish and Muslim Consumers who might be worried about traces of animal products, and also by Vegans and people with coeliac disease.

In short, a chewing gum for everyone!

Chewing Chicza, you can drink water without feeling the cold in your teeth, and you can also keep it in your mouth up until right before your meals without it altering your taste of food.

It is currently sold in 30g packets containing 12 square gum pieces in the following flavours: Mint, Lime, Cinnamon and Spearmint.
The 15g packet containing 8 square gum pieces is available in the Mixed Berry flavour.

Yes, analyses showed that it doesn’t contain any gluten!

Analysis Cinnamon
 Analysis Lime
 Analysis Mixed Berry
 Analysis Spearmint
 Analysis Mint

The beauty is just that…does not happen absolutely nothing! Being a chewing-gum 100% natural, it’s as if we ingest the skin of an apple.

It’s always better to throw any waste in an appropriate container, but even if you did, in the case of Chicza, there wouldn’t be any negative consequence for the environment.
Chicza is made only of organic ingredients that decompose within a few weeks. Remember that Chicza comes from the Earth and returns to the Earth!

View the study by Comieco/GMI on “biodegradable chewing-gum

The last analysis carried out by a certified laboratory revealed that Chicza has low values of Phosphorus between 1 and 9 mg / 100g and Potassium between 21 and 81.9 mg / 100g.
These values are low enough to be suitable for the diet of people with nephropathy. An added value that makes Chicza even more attractive.

Analysis Cinnamon
Analysis Lime
 Analysis Mixed Berry
 Analysis Spearmint
 Analysis Mint

Because the marketing of this amazing product helps an entire community, that of the Chicleros, consisting of more than 2,000 Chicle farmers and their families.
And then, simply because it complies with all regulations and its marketing is permitted even in fair trade stores.

Because it doesn’t contain chemical compounds! Adhesion science is complex and in the case of chewing gum, it probably involves both mechanical effects and chemical bonds.

Chicza is sold in many Organic shops, Gluten-Free shops, herbalist shops, in NaturaSì, Piacere Terra, Bio c’Bon, BioBottega supermarkets, some pharmacies and alternative medicine shops, in Bio Bars, in fair trade shops and in all stores of the Eataly group and Benessere Group of Dr. Angelini Francesca.

In addition, you can also buy it online on this page Buy online created in collaboration with some of the best Italian online e-shops.

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