Certifications & Awards

Working for the Environment repays us! It is not a coincidence that this extraordinary 100% organic chewing gum has won and continues to win important Awards and Honours at national and international level, including:

  • Award for “Best New Organic food in 2009 to “Natural and Organic Products Festival” in London
  • Award for “Sustainable Development 2010” with the support of the President of the Italian Republic
  • “Green Factor Special Award 2010” by the Region of “Friuli Venezia Giulia” Italy
  • Recognition of the Region Lombardia “Friend of the Environment Innovation 2010″
  • Enrollment in the Golden Book of the Corporate Social Responsibility during the last edition of the Sodalitas Social Award 2011
  • Recognition by the Embassy of Mexico in Italy (2011)
  • Recognition by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and by Consip” 2011, central purchases of Italian public administration
  • National Forestry Merit Award 2012 granted by the Forest National Forestry Commission (Conafor) in Mexico (2012)
  • “Premio Vendor Rating e Acquisti Sostenibili” CompraVerde-Buy Green al Forum Internazionale degli Acquisti Verdi (Milano 30-31 Ottobre 2013)
  • “Premio Green Ribbon 2013” Argalam presso la sala stampa FNSI di Roma (21 Novembre 2013)
  • Premio Start-Up Settegreen Award” in collaborazione con Conai Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi presso la Sala Triennale di Milano (2 dicembre 2013)



Study Case Chewing-Gum Biodegradable GMI & Comieco
Data Sheet Chicza format 15g
Data Sheet Chicza format 30g
Organic Certified Chicza 2017/2018
H.A.C.C.P. Certified EcolBio S.r.l.
Certificato Kosher 2017/2018
Organic Farmers & Growers Certified
Organic Certified/Certificate of conformity EcolBio S.r.l.
Analysis Gluten-Free taste Cinnamon
Analysis Gluten-Free taste Lime
Analysis Gluten-Free taste Mixed Berry
Analysis Gluten-Free taste Spearmint
Analysis Gluten-Free taste Mint
Analysis Phosphorus/Potassium taste Cinnamon
Analysis Phosphorus/Potassium taste Lime
Analysis Phosphorus/Potassium taste Mixed Berry
Analysis Phosphorus/Potassium taste Spearmint
Analysis Phosphorus/Potassium taste Mint